Jul 14, 2019

2020 Wildwood 179DBK Murphy Bed Bunkhouse Camp Kitchen Mini Camper Travel Trailer

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Comments to 2020 Wildwood 179DBK Murphy Bed Bunkhouse Camp Kitchen Mini Camper Travel Trailer

  • Awesome! Can I tow with an f-150? How much? I am in ❤️

    Mark Bartniski 14/07/2019 13:13
  • I almost peed my pants with joy when I saw you post this video!! After years of searching, I fell in love with the 179 DBK (Salem version) Since they don't sell this model in California, I had to go out of state to get it! When I didn't see this model initially on your site, I actually started second guessing my decision lol!! I was like "Well if Josh doesn't sell it, maybe it's because it sucks!!" I feel a lot better about my purchase now!! For anyone looking at this particular model, especially if you have a limited tow capacity like I do, there is literally nothing else new on the market that has more features at this weight and price point!! Every single pet peeve that was stopping me from settling has been addressed!! Must have 6 cubic ft fridge, 4 person CAMPSIDE Dinette, Murphy bed, hanging closet, DOUBLE OVER DOUBLE BUNKS, 2 bunk windows, HUGE AWNING, sink in the bathroom, and an outside prep kitchen!! Each one of those things, especially all together is rare and might I say, non existent at 3200-3400 pounds! Can't wait till my Baby arrives in 2 weeks!! In a few yrs when I upgrade, I will definitely keep you on my list for trade in!!!

    S Evans 14/07/2019 13:13
  • Crossing my fingers for the 167rb w a Murphy bed

    Marsha Loneagle 14/07/2019 13:13
  • What length is the bed?

    Noconz0727 MC 14/07/2019 13:13
  • Josh , that speaker should be in ALL rv's – mounted speakers should have remained in the 60's !

    Marvin - Rollin' USA 14/07/2019 13:13
  • Any chance you guys are getting this one's slightly bigger brother? The 19DBXL? Hoping to come see you guys in a couple weeks!

    Matt Huhn 14/07/2019 13:13
  • I like that setup! Great for a small family…

    David Hancock 14/07/2019 13:13
  • Looks like it would make a good starter camper but hubby doesn't like the metal siding 🙁 I like the kitchen sink in this one good for multiple uses including washing clothes by hand if need be! We have a hand crank mini washer in our case but still whatever works. Can't wait for school to get done this is our last full week thank God! Only 2 days next week then Yipee Ki A we are outta here!!! Shame they didn't think to add a drop leaf on the counter as an extension tho looks like something maybe a buyer might want added on for extra counter space. I still have my eyes on that Air Stream and WInnebago!

    Cheryl B 14/07/2019 13:13
  • It has a bathroom vanity! 👍👍👍🙌👏👏

    Lesley Whitmell 14/07/2019 13:13
  • LOVE this NEW style MurphyBed !!!! #Wildwood #HaylettRV

    Susan Spaulding 14/07/2019 13:13
  • I haven’t even watched the video yet, but I just ate popsicles and watched your videos for 4 hours straight with my dad. #sonandfathergoals

    Xamith -vlogs 14/07/2019 13:13
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