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Mai 9, 2019
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A Slightly Different Mini Campervan Build

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2011 Toyota Sienna Campervan Build. Just a quick video to share some (hopefully) useful tips and ideas for your campervan build. Audio quality is not the best, sorry about that. Feel free to leave comments and questions. If you’re wondering about availability of plans – sorry, no, this is a one-off build from a bunch of scribble notes on napkins.

Mattress: Milliard Tri Folding Mattress. Link:

Update: I mentioned „Weathershield“ window shades – I meant „WeatherTech“, the same people who make those awesome floorliners.

Update: I mentioned an auxiliary battery for powering the lights and fans. It’s a small jump battery next to the cooler that is recharged by the main battery through the 12V power port at the back of the van. This way, the main battery is always fully charged for starting the van. Plus, if/when I add a solar panel on the roof, I can swap out the jump battery for a deep-cycle battery.

Update: One thing I forgot to mention is since the floor of the minivan is tilted (higher in the back) like all vehicles these days, I built everything to be level to the ground, not level with the floor of the minivan. So, in this case, the front of the platform is 1.5″ higher than the back if you measure to the minivan floor, but is level overall when compared to the ground.

Update: Another idea for all of you using a minivan, or anything with a hatch on the back: when you have a private spot and good weather, secure mosquito netting ( over the hatch opening and sleep with the hatch open. It’s a bit like sleeping outdoors with the breeze, sounds, and smells all present. We’ve even slept through short thunderstorm downpours without anything getting inside. Here’s a photo of our previous mini campervan set up with the netting: We use a long length of bulk bungee cord and a couple of big S-hooks to secure the netting in place. Just another idea for you.


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