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Mai 18, 2019

Asha (Hope) – a song and circle dance for Planet Earth and Peace

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Asha (Hope), the song and dance, are inspired creations, gifts to be shared around the world. They are messengers of hope for everyone and everything on this Planet Earth we call home – hope for peace, love, understanding, respect and care, for all life, including Mother Earth herself. They are a gift from God, Allah, Jehovah, Ahura Mazda, however you may understand the Creator, Source of All.
Please share Asha (Hope), the song and dance. Feel free to copy them and perform them. Enjoy them in love and peace – Om, Shalom, Asha, Inshallah – In gratitude – Rosemary and M.

Om = Creation (Buddhism)
Shalom = Peace (Judaism)
Asha = Hope (Hindi, Parsee, Zoroastrian and others)
Inshallah = God Willing (Islam)

Music, words, vocals, guitar – Rosemary Phillips
Guitar and Bass – John Vere
Recorded and engineered – Cactus Music, Grand Forks BC Canada
Circle Dance creator – M
For more information, full lyrics and dance instructions visit:

Apologies for blurred full screen – this is a learning process…


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