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Mai 17, 2019

Campervan conversion: Opel Vivaro,Trafic Wohnmobile Eigenbau, Bus Camper.avi

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Our company specializes in rebuilding mini-buses:
Trafic, Vivaro, Primastar (ver. L2H1) for campers.
If you decide to our services, you leave the car in our garage for a period of 4-5 weeks.

Our work is based on :

  1. Warming and soundproofing the headlining and car walls of a special mat with no-humidity system.
  2. Installation of a new, soundproofed and specially prepared floor made of easy cleaning material.
  3. Front seats are replaced with rotary seats. You can pass to the back of the car between the seat.
  4. Sofa with seat-belts that can be transformed to wide & comfortable bed. Under the bed there is 120x190x33(in cm) of space for luggage.
  5. Along the left side there is a wall with cupboards, cabinets with shelves and drawers. Below there is a place for skis or snowboard.
  6. Gas stove with self-igniter
  7. Kitchen sink
  8. Tap with water tank with clean water and pump
  9. Dirty water tank.
  10. Fridge (with compresor) 230V
  11. Car power inverter 230V/12V 2000W with electric car battery system
  12. Electrical installation of 230V, electric socket IN, electric system of connection
  13. System of charging a car battery directly from electric socket IN 230V.
  14. Central gas heating Truma LPG with chimney
  15. LED Lamps
  16. Containers for luggage under the bed

In additional option we can install:

  1. Portable tourist toilet.
  2. Refrigerator 12V/230V/LPG + chimney
  3. CB radio
  4. Hands-free equipment to your phone
  5. Window curtains
  6. Towing hook
  7. Tow hook bike carrier
  8. Electronic security system of a car battery
  9. Window tinting
  10. Tent (Buszelt)

At the beginning of rebuilding a mini-bus we sign an agreement with a customer and issue an invoice.
If you have more questions please write me an email:

I am inviting your company for the cooperation 🙂 We have a better price.
Best regards

Mark Rybczynski
„FHU Rybczynscy“ company ,

Szosa Poznanska 2 street
62-050 Mosina
phone: +48 600 077 147


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