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Mai 11, 2019

Couple's own Paris-Dakar using Land Rover transformer-camper

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Brice grew up in Morocco overlanding across Africa in 4x4s and 6x6s. When he met his wife Irina they organized off-road trips across the “land of the pharaohs, and Lawrence of Arabia”, but soon realized that as a couple they wanted more overnight comfort so they turned their Land Rover into an quick-transforming micro camper.

With the press of a button, the standard car pops up and out and in 43 seconds becomes a tiny home complete with kitchen, toilet and indoor shower. To take advantage of the limited size within a standard wheelbase, the couple placed a lot on tracks: the dining table/benches slide to make room for a shower stall (rainshower fixture included); the toilet slides out from within the stall. With the push of other buttons, the bed drops down from the ceiling on wires and the back rack drops down into an instant deck.

To create a comfortable off-grid experience, the entire roof of the car is covered in solar panels which provide all of the campers’ electrical needs. The stove runs on the same diesel from the car’s tank to keep things simple and easy to access in remote regions.

The couple named their car, and company, Wild Fennec after a nocturnal fox of the Saharan desert and they are selling their vulpine vehicle for 50,000 euros.

Wild Fennec

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