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Mai 17, 2019

GoneCamper Patagonia Lake and Sonoran Desert Museum Minivan Camper

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GoneCamper builds camper conversions for minivans, including the Dodge Caravan. Turn your minivan into a camper! Enjoy the van life! Each camper conversion includes a minivan camper bed and a minivan camper kitchen. Perfect for off-grid camping, boondocking, or comfortable camping in established camp grounds.
GoneCamper took a road trip to the Sonoran Desert Museum near Tucson, Arizona. We camped the night before at a county campground just outside the Saguaro National Park so we could view the Museum early the next morning. This Museum has both native plants and trees as well as native animals, birds, insects, amphibians, and even fish displayed in realistic environments.
After touring the Museum, we headed south to Sonoita and Patagonia. This grassland area is unique to Arizona. we ended the day at the Patagonia Lake State Park, just in time to enjoy a fantastic sunset!
To learn more about the efficient and comfortable GoneCamper conversion for minivans, visit


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