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Jul 14, 2019

Offroad camper off road teardrop Weeroll mini camper

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Weeroll Gladiator 5 x 9 x 4”6
All aluminum trailer
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Comments to Offroad camper off road teardrop Weeroll mini camper

  • If it has electric outlets not sure if spraying down with water and soap is good. But it will definitely be easier to clean and last.

    Bill N 14/07/2019 09:08
  • Very nice interior. You can tow a trailer behind a trailer? (not in some states) But there are other uses for that receiver hitch like certain accessories, racks, etc.

    toronado455 14/07/2019 09:08
  • Looks great! 6' height?

    Tony R 14/07/2019 09:08
  • If I ever decide to drop down from the Jayco, I'll end up buying one of these. Thanks for showing. 👍

    YouTube COMMENTATOR- Mr. Hahn 14/07/2019 09:08
  • Ba ba ba badass

    Soyless In Seattle 14/07/2019 09:08
  • That thing looks bomb-proof!

    tree feller 14/07/2019 09:08
  • question: with the front windows of your silver cloud, how do you protect the window from rocks/debris that will break the window during travel?…use a temporary magnetic plexiglass/plastic cover?…I don't know…

    sherrcon 14/07/2019 09:08
  • I love it and I plan on buying one from you people. I just wish that you would add a small AC onto the roof like the other small camper trailers have.
    I've heard nothing but positive reviews on your product and when it comes to price you guys are number one! Great job.

    Joe 14/07/2019 09:08
  • you did it again wee roll…the only one to buy!!!!!!!!…great vid…

    sherrcon 14/07/2019 09:08
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