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Mai 4, 2019
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Our One Month Van Conversion Time Lapse [Renault Master LWB]

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If you want to do your own van conversion, I learnt everything I needed to know about van to camper van conversions from this book:

It’s hard to squeeze one month of working every day into 180 seconds, but this is a blast of shots from our one month van to camper van conversion. It is the first time we have ever done anything on this scale and it was a lot of fun (and struggles) figuring out just how we would put this thing together. I will be posting a series of videos titled, ‚How to Convert a Van to a Camper Van For Beginners by a Beginner‘, so if you are interested in doing your own camper van conversion, hit subscribe and follow along. If you look in my channel, you will also find multiple other videos showing extended work on each part of the van – cleaning, the floors, the walls, the electrics, the furniture etc, as well as a couple of videos of us in the van. On the website, you will find posts about the van conversion and how you can do it yourself. (Links below).

Strictly speaking this is not a time lapse – it is a series of videos sped up. But calling it a ‚One Month Van Conversion Series of Sped Up Videos‘ sounds a bit weird.

The focus of Great Big Scary World is ‚accessible adventure‘, promoting the idea that you can still have adventures, irregardless of your fears, finances, or expertise – if this is of interest to you, follow along.

Big thanks to Leah for being part of this (and putting up with the cold, the late nights, and the long days):

Van Conversion Timelapse:
A Tour of the Van:
First Day Living in the Van:
Days 2-5 In The Van:
Van Conversion Part 1:
Van Conversion Part 2:
Van Conversion Part 3:
Van Conversion Part 4:
Van Conversion Part 5:
Blessed by Lisette Lowe Live In The Van:

Follow Great Big Scary World:
Youtube channel:

Take You Down (Radio Edit) by Sad Puppy
Used with permission:
I’ve been totally hooked on their music recently, so I highly recommend you check them out and have a listen:
Thank you Sad Puppy for the permission to use this song on this video.


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