Jul 23, 2019

Under £1000 Self Built Camper – Kangoo Camper Conversion van tour

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In my second upload to this channel I talk in detail on how I converted my Renault Kangoo van into a comfortable sleeping space for one.

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Comments to Under £1000 Self Built Camper – Kangoo Camper Conversion van tour

  • Great video although the music seems a bit loud in places or maybe thats just me. Nice to see you can have a camper without selling your house to buy one haha

    Ross Brocklesby 23/07/2019 05:47
  • Awesome video and awesome conversion ! How tall are you though ?

    FrenchCat 23/07/2019 05:47
  • Looks a great van you’ve done a great job.

    Nigel winn 23/07/2019 05:47
  • great idea

    daseteam 23/07/2019 05:47
  • Great little conversion project Tim 👍, "Well Wear!" as they say around here. 🙂
    A cheeky heating idea:
    Get some Flexi aluminium tubing, 4 or 5" diameter (something like on a tumble dryer) feed it from the heater footwell vent to the back area, a bit of heat for you and it will help a tad with condensation too. And it just squashes back down when you don't need it. 😉

    If the board you have under the mattress is completely solid: Get a cheapo set of Hole cutters and cut a couple of holes in the board so the mattress can breath. (You will get mould on underside on the mattress if it can breath etc.)

    Have a good one. Kind regards BG 👍

    B. Gray 23/07/2019 05:47
  • Great conversion

    Paul G Johnson 23/07/2019 05:47
  • Nice. I did something similar with a nissan nv200…but it was a hell of a lot more than what you paid.

    tarasded 23/07/2019 05:47
  • BTW. Trim the bed frame down Now as small things become big things when living in such small spaces. Oh and get that back window tinted with limo-tint.

    chris 1 23/07/2019 05:47
  • Your definitely onto a great idea.

    chris 1 23/07/2019 05:47
  • Brilliant job Tim. I'm thinking about buying a van to use for photography and camping trips – you've given me some great ideas.

    Jillian Heath 23/07/2019 05:47
  • Perfectly brilliant Tim! Clever chap. Enjoy.

    Ian Spicer 23/07/2019 05:47
  • awesome set up m8 love micro campers I love mine defo the way forward instead of great big vans that stand out like saw thumbs ! excellent job m8

    TheJason13666 23/07/2019 05:47
  • Superb.

    Auto Manuals 23/07/2019 05:47
  • Wow great little camper. And at a great price too. Always fancied converting a van for over night shoots. Thanks 🙂

    David Fletcher 23/07/2019 05:47
  • Your curtains certainly are not to my taste lol, but I really need to install some in my VW t5. I’d like black out curtains to separate the cab from the rear, probably on a tight wire across the roof because I’d just keep hitting my head on a pole. I’d also like window curtains for the side & back, even though the windows are tinted black. I think I can get those fan type designs that fit within the window frame but not sure where to get them from.

    Steve Cheatley 23/07/2019 05:47
  • tom heaton not a patch on yours tim

    brian A smith 23/07/2019 05:47
  • Well done Tim. I'm sure she will serve you well. 🙂

    Gary Morris 23/07/2019 05:47
  • Burgundy carpeting and red satin sheets……what genre of photography are we moving in to lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Great little van Tim👍

    Mark Kelly 23/07/2019 05:47
  • I can’t believe that you’ve managed that for such a low price 👍 Ingenious 👍

    Re: Photography 23/07/2019 05:47
  • Nicely done 👍🏻
    The beginning of what I’m sure will be an absolutely wild adventure.

    LjB Digiscoping 23/07/2019 05:47
  • Great job tim, I want one. No stopping you now mate 👍

    Nick Smith photography 23/07/2019 05:47
  • Yes Tim, thats awesome buddy. cozy and warm looking. Loving the fanboy Youtube Pillows.

    Trev Bearded Bushcraft & Photography 23/07/2019 05:47
  • very impressed with both the build and cost well done tim

    david armitage 23/07/2019 05:47
  • Nice one Tim, that will open up a lot of new opportunities for you. Love the coffee grinder. If ever I see an inconspicuous orange van parked up I know where to get a good cup of coffee lol 😆

    Mark Tingle 23/07/2019 05:47
  • Wow, impressed. A lot of van for little money. Just don't go hanging around car parks with a fake arm cast and a bag of sweets or you might get some unwanted attention 🙂

    Steve 23/07/2019 05:47
  • Wow. Now that's the way to do it. I think you may have started a trend. Well done.

    Mark Bowering Photography 23/07/2019 05:47
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